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Don’t we all just love rains? That pleasant breeze is just amazing during the monsoon season. We just wish to have a plate full of pakodas along with tea. That is actually quite normal but not quite healthy. Many of us are trying to lose weight and moments like these are when we cave and give into the delicacies. What we need is a diet plan to go along with our moods and the season.

Eat more Lose more, which is a YouTube channel, has all the solutions you would need this monsoon to chart up a diet plan which you can follow and lose weight very easily. From the start of the day to go to bed, the channel has a list of things you can eat and lose almost 10 kgs in 30 days. Not just that, all the nutrients we lose throughout the monsoon season can be gained through this diet plan. Timing is something it really puts focus one as having a schedule matters the most when it comes to diet.


Eat more and lose more’s video on monsoon diet plan for weight loss kick starts with early morning drinks. Being on a water fast for 8 hours while sleeping makes us dehydrated so having a drink early morning is good. You can choose between neem water or lemon water depending on your liking. Both of them are very easy to make and a glass would be more than enough.

Neem for Skin


Next step to follow as the video says is the breakfast15  ins after the drink. Breakfast menu should be quite wholesome so you have three great options here. You can go with upma which is loaded with vitamin A, E and C or idli with a notable amount of protein and fibre. Even a bowl of poha with desi ghee can make your breakfast mouth watering. Desi ghee isn’t unhealthy as you would think it is. All three will give you enough energy for the day. Be sure to have a home-cooked meal only.

Monsoon diet


Morning is very hectic so it’s essential for you to take a break from all the chaos and sit down to have a mid-morning snack. Fruits like peach which are a storehouse of vitamin C, iron-rich jamun and plum along with a cup of green tea(2cal) is a very good option. All these will help you fight the diseases that are bound to be there in monsoon.


As you approach lunchtime, have a cup of lukewarm water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar which will help you burn more fat and keep your bowel system well. When the lunchtime calls, a home cooked meal is the best option. Cook up 2 besan chillas (286cal)of normal size along with a bowl of raita(47cal) for yourself. You can season both of them as you like. None of the ingredients here will increase your weight.

Rainy Season


Evening snack is like a necessity as our stomach calls for it. A cup of tea or coffee without sugar will soothe your hunger easily. You can have apple cinnamon tea or peppermint tea or chamomile tea from TE-A-ME instead of coffee or normal tea. You can have a handful of roasted peanuts or makhanas for a little flavour.

Weight Loss teasLink to Buy these teas:
Chamomile tea
Peppermint Tea
Apple cinnamon tea


Dinner doesn’t have to be a very heavy meal so cut out on ingredients with lots of calories. Have seasonal stir-fry vegetables like zucchini, onion, tomato, capsicum and season with pink salt or oregano. Don’t go for leafy vegetables as they aren’t good during monsoon. You can have soup as well as tomato soup if not vegetables. If you are hungry later, have a cup of chamomile tea to have a good stress-free sleep. It also boosts your immunity system.

Dinner Recipes

Following these small tips will go a long way. The main ingredient of good health is still at least 2 litres of water a day. Keep up with all these things and no kind of fats or disease will touch you.

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