High Protein Breakfast Recipes | How to Lose Weight Fast with Protein

Having a nutritious mealtime is highly vital and one thing you must not once do is skip it. Breaking the fast after 8 hours of sleep is quite crucial and intake of something good during that meal is very healthy. All this is anyways important but when you are trying to drop weight you should give your breakfast enough importance.

One thing that can help you drop weight easily is having breakfast which is rich in protein. Protein consumption of at least 30 grams will keep you content for quite some time and you won’t get hungry for at least 6 hours. This way you won’t eat anything excessive. You can follow these protein breakfast recipes that Eat more lose more has for you, which can help you maintain a protein diet for weight loss.


soya milk with fruits

The modest form of protein-rich breakfast is a bowl full of fruits and a glass of soy milk. Soy is like fruitarian protein that can make up for the protein content. Soft soy milk is the best selection you have here or you can prepare some at home to give an organic touch. Fruits can be seasonal like berries, peach etc which are decent sources of protein.


oats recipes

Another option you have is overnight oats recipe which has chia seeds, rolled oats, honey and cinnamon. All these are high protein foods and have a respectable quantity of calcium. Along with that, they assist you slack weight. The recipe is very tasty as you will get to know when you have it.


best protein shake

A great flavourful option for protein breakfast is a banana almond cream shake. Just take a banana, around 10 almonds. Skimmed milk and some ice. A secret ingredient to this recipe is protein powder from Oziva. Just a tablespoon of it needs to be added to the shake to make it even richer. Any other protein powder will also work. Just blend all of them together and drink up to go for at least 6 hours.


protein breakfast

A simple recipe which is very protein-rich is a sandwich. We have had it so many times but the ingredients might not have been right. Now, have brown bread along with veggies like tomato, cucumber, onion and some paneer to add that protein part. Paneer is highly rich in protein and you can replace it with tofu as well if you want.


best protein breakfast

The most easily digestible source of protein is a moong dal chilla. This is the most Indian recipe you have which can give you the protein you need. Its very simple to prepare and just add a spoon of desi ghee. It adds to the power of our immunity system and isn’t harmful like refined oils.

You can follow any of these protein breakfast recipes and chart your own protein diet for weight loss. Whatever suits or what you can cook easily are the best for you, which is why we have given so many options.

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