Brown rice: A healthy way of having rice everyday

Does eating rice scare you away? Whether it’s the fear of gaining extra kilos or feeling sleepy during work time, we tend to avoid rice for various reasons. But the good news is that a bowl of mouth-watering brown rice will help you achieve the chiselled body that you always desired for. Don’t be calorie conscious and grab a bowl of brown rice right now to let your taste buds take a tasty ride and your body a healthy tour with this wonder ingredient.

Brown rice is a goodness packed in a single bowl. Be it the tantalizing aroma, multiple health benefits or blast of taste in your mouth brown rice will always remain the hero of your weight loss chart. The brown rice benefits are enclosed in the fact that that it’s a refined version of white rice which is served unpolished to you. In the case of brown rice, only the hull is removed thus keeping the kernels’ nutritional value intact.

What’s important to note is that when brown is turned to white, large quantities of B vitamins (90% of the B6), half of phosphorous and manganese, and almost all of the iron and dietary fibres and fatty acids are lost. Though white rice is fortified and can be enriched with nutrients, it doesn’t turn out to be as healthy as the original form.

 Nutrient profile

Brown Rice Nutrition is what makes it a healthy choice for all. Brown rice is a whole grain that is relatively low in calories (216 calories per cup is brown rice calories) with a good source of magnesium, selenium, vitamin B6, thiamin, and an excellent source of manganese! It is highly fibrous and gluten-free, thus making it easy to be incorporated into various dishes.

Further studies regarding whole grains have shown that they contain healthy anti-oxidants which were supposed to be found in fruits and vegetables. Researchers have also come with the fact that sprouting brown rice could make it even more healthy, like increased dietary fibre.

Brown Rice Health Benefits

Magnesium is the most vital mineral required to regulate blood pressure and to offset sodium in the body. So it’s of no doubt that brown rice’s magnesium content is the saviour who keeps your heart healthy by regulating the blood pressure levels and creating healthier carotid arteries. Given below are some brown rice benefits.

  • Digestion and gluten-free diets:

Manganese is one such mineral that aids for better digestion. Well known for its digestive benefits, fibres keep bowel moment regular, thus reducing constipation. And brown rice luckily tops the list of fibre foods.
They are also naturally gluten-free and is a famous staple amongst those diets. Nutritionists also warn not to mix them with gluten diets as they may get cross-contaminated.

  • Brown rice also contains proteins thereby making you energetic.
  • Brown rice is supposed to help one fight against cancer. Manganese in brown rice is likely to protect against the cancer-causing agents- free radicals. It is mainly associated with lower risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, etc.
  • Eating brown rice is also likely to reduce type-2 diabetes and regulate cholesterol levels.

Does brown rice beat the white rice?

Brown rice vs white rice has been a battle which has continued for years. Though white rice reigns over brown rice regarding its full acceptance and appearance, brown rice is supposed to be the real rival and champion regarding nutritional benefits. Brown rice is rich in manganese, selenium and other nutrients along with higher fibre content, unlike white rice that is artificially enriched.

So try discussing with your dietitian and opt for the best for a healthier and happier living! After all, a bowl of brown rice can satiate your multiple goals- make you look like the stunning diva and can take you on to the ecstasy of flavours.

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